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4 Ways to Recuperate

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Evidently, pooping is one of them.

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05.23.11, 4:20 PM | Posted by Major

Maybe the sign should be labeled “Repooperation” instead…

10.17.11, 8:36 AM | Posted by Johnathan

don’t forget the morning sickness

12.09.11, 4:23 PM | Posted by Brittany

1. do ballet beside it
2. hold one leg up beside…using one hand…
3. lean over it….
4. poop on it..

(( easy ))*click* well that was easy!

04.20.13, 4:20 PM | Posted by Flatulating Bob

Can I just skip all the weird positions, and just poop?

05.23.13, 9:56 PM | Posted by credible

no matter what you do make sure that the BALL stays close to your feet

06.06.13, 12:37 PM | Posted by Agreen

Is this recuperation for bowlers?

11.05.14, 10:36 AM | Posted by Doug Montgomery

That’s the least of his problems. He has no feet!

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